Model SP-8

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SP-8 Surge Protector mounted on RP-8 Relay Panel

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Heavy-duty Surge Protector

The SP-8 Surge Protector reduces the possibility of damage to the RFC-1/B remote control system from high voltage transients generated by lightning and other sources. It mounts directly to the RP-8 Relay Panel with five metal standoffs providing a very low impedance electrical connection to the RFC-1 and RP-8.

Using a combination of gas surge suppressors, metal-oxide varistors, carbon-film resistors and low impedance interconnections, it provides significant protection against voltage surges from the telephone line and eight telemetry channels.

The surge protector is available in two models, SP-8 and SP-8/TO. SP-8 is the standard model that includes telephone line surge suppression.

Telemetry Only

Model SP-8/TO is identical to model SP-8 except that it omits the telephone line suppression. It protects the telemetry input only; thus, the "/TO" extension.

The SP-8/TO should be used in systems that have more than one relay panel. Install one SP-8 for telephone line suppression and install SP-8/TO on any additional relay panels for telemetry protection.