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RAK-2 Intelligent Rack Adapter

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Intelligent Rack Adapter

The RAK-2 Intelligent Rack Adapter takes the foundation of an RFC-1 and extends it into the connected world. The RAK-2 features a wired Ethernet connection with a built-in network interface and web server.

The remote control system gains network connectivity while maintaining the traditional RFC-1 voice mode interface. Both voice and data interfaces are included as part of the standard device.

The RAK-2 includes an updated, enhanced version of or RFC-1 remote facilities controller at its core. It also includes our Setup Tool 6 software for setting up the embedded RFC-1 controller.

The RAK-2 is a drop-in replacement for existing RFC-1 installations. This protects your investment in RP-8 relay panels and lets you leave the existing wiring intact.

Network Communications

Internet connectivity gives the RAK-2 new capabilities that make the Remote Facilities Controller family of devices more effective at communicating with you than ever before.

  • system readings can be viewed with a web browser
  • system readings can be delivered by email or text message
  • alarm notifications can be made by email or text message

Web Interface

The built-in web server collects telemetry data from the embedded RFC-1 controller and displays that data in an attractive, efficient interface that is available from any device that can browse the web.

RAK-2 web page sample

RAK-2 Sample Telemetry Readings

Programming Software

Setup Tool 6 is also included with the RAK-2. This Windows® based software provides an easy-to-use interface for adjusting the settings of the embedded RFC-1. The software generates a data file that is uploaded to the RAK-2 through the web interface. The RAK-2 then loads the data into the embedded RFC-1. The data file can be copied to any storage device to backup the system settings.

Enhanced RFC-1 Controller

The embedded RFC-1 remote facilities controller included in RAK-2 systems has improved firmware with several feature enhancements. See the FAQ area of this page for more information.

Surge Suppression

The RAK-2 has protection circuits on the telephone line to suppress damaging electrical spikes from the telephone line before they can harm the system. We recommend installing an SP-8/TO Heavy Duty Surge Protector on each RP-8 to protect the telemetry inputs from damaging spikes.

System Requirements

Broadband Service

Broadband data service is required to support remote web display and email messaging features. The network connection to the RAK-2 must be provided over wired Ethernet. This is typically a LAN connection through a router to the Internet.

Voice Service

The RAK-2 includes a voice interface for those times when a web browser is not convenient. A standard telephone line or similar service must be provided to use the voice connection. A single line telephone is required for local control of the embedded RFC-1.

Email and Text Messages

The RAK-2 requires access to an email server to provide email or SMS text notifications. The RAK-2 can be setup to work with most email providers. SMS text notifications require support from your wireless phone carrier. This may involve additional charges from the service provider.

Relay Panels

At least one RP-8 Relay Panel is required for any RAK-2 installation. If the RAK-2 is installed as an upgrade to a previously functioning RFC-1 system, an RP-8 is already in service. Otherwise, RP-8s are ordered separately.

Each RP-8 provides eight channels of telemetry and control I/O to the system. Up to eight relay panels can be connected to a system.

Power Supply

The RAK-2 requires a single grounded power supply outlet. The RAK-2 has a universal power supply that operates from 90 to 240 volts AC at 50 or 60 Hz.