Model CIM-1

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CIM-1 Composite Insertion Module


Composite Insertion Module

The CIM-1 Composite Insertion Module provides a means to insert an audio signal into a composite FM system. This may be necessary when using a DAI-2 Dialup Audio Interface at a facility where the FM stereo generator is remotely located and discrete audio signals are not available.

The CIM-1 has two BNC jacks; one for composite input and the other for composite output. Switching is controlled by an internal relay that normally passes the composite FM signal through the unit without modification. When the relay is energized, the source for the composite output jack is switched to a separate balanced audio input connection.

The secondary audio input is transformer-isolated and has a manual level-adjustment and soft clipper. In most applications, the audio level required at the CIM-1 "Audio Input" terminals will be in the range of 0 dBm to +4 dBm.

The metal case of the CIM-1 is electrically isolated from the outer conductor of the composite jacks. There is no ohmic connection between any of the five screw terminal connections on the CIM-1 and the composite connections.