Model MA-2

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MA-2 Modem Adapter


Modem Adapter

The MA-2 Modem Adapter allows remote data access to the RFC-1/B via modem using serial data. It consists of a small PC board that connects to the the RFC-1 with a jumper connector. An extended case and new rack panel are included to enclose the assembly.

The line interface is standard RJ-11 modular type connector. The system has front panels LEDs that indicate power, operating mode and data transmission.

Data logging can be accomplished fairly quickly by programming the RFC-1/B to send a set of readings to the data port at scheduled intervals. The data can be collected by just about any computer capable of receiving and storing a simple ASCII data stream.

More involved tasks can be performed using a communications program that features scripting like Procomm Plus or Telix. The RFC-1/B responds to the same commands over the data link that are used in voice mode.

Using the RFC-1/B in data mode does not exclude use in voice mode over a telephone.

System Requirements

RFC-1/B software version 4.00 or later is required to operate the modem adapter. Most RFC-1 systems are running version 5.x so this is typically not an issue.

Use the command "78" while online with the RFC-1 to read the software version.