Model DCA-2

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DCA-2 DC Amplifier for telemetry samples

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DC Telemetry Amplifier

The DCA-2 Telemetry Amplifier increases the voltage of a telemetry sample when the voltage is too low to generate an accurate reading. The RFC-1/B will give a full scale reading with as little as one volt applied at the telemetry input.

The vast majority of broadcast equipment can generate an adequate sample voltage without assistance. The DCA-2 is designed to assist devices that do not meet the minimum voltage requirement.

The DCA-2 uses a precision instrumentation amplifier and provides user-adjustable gain from 2 to 20. This enables the RFC-1 to generate a full scale reading for devices that provide a sample as small as .05 volt DC.

The DCA-2 DC Amplifier package contains:

  • one DC amplifier board with mounting bracket
  • power supply (optional)
  • product documentation

The DCA-2 consumes very little current so in many installations it can be powered from the same AC supply as the RFC-1/B. For installations that require auxiliary power, order Model DCA-2/PS.

There is no external low voltage supply when the RAK-1 Intelligent Rack Adapter is used. In this case the DCA-2 must be powered with an auxiliary power supply.