Model RFC-1/B

This page will you configure an RFC-1 system that meets your needs.

Enter the requested information in the areas below and click the 'Configure System' button. The values will be calculated and displayed at the bottom of the form.

Configuration Utility

Select the desired components to configure and price your RFC-1/B system.

Minimum System

These components are not optional. A minimum functional system requires one RFC-1/B controller and at least one RP-8 relay panel. Additional relay panels may be added to increase the number of telemetry inputs and control outputs. Each RP-8 adds eight channels. Up to eight relay panels can be used on one RFC-1/B.

Model RFC-1/B Remote Facilities Controller

Model RP-8 Relay Panel (8 channels)


These accessories provide additional functionality to the RFC-1/B system. They are optional. The SP-8 is recommended for most installations. Select as needed.

Model ACM-2 AC Current Monitor (tower lights)

Model AFS-3 Audio Failsafe (silence sensor)

Model DCA-2 DC Telemetry Amplifier

Model SIP-8 Status Input Panel (8 channels)

Model SP-8 Surge Protector (with telephone line suppression)

Model SP-8/TO Surge Protector (protects telemetry inputs only)

Model TS-1 Temperature Sensor (sensor only)

Model TS-1/PS Temperature Sensor (includes power supply)

Data I/O Accessories

The RFC-1/B has one expansion port--only one of the options below can be used on a system. These accessories are optional.

Systems that are configured with the RAK-2 always include an RFC-1. The cost of the RFC-1 is automatically deducted from the Minimum System area above.

Model MA-2 Modem Adapter

Model PA-2 Parallel Printer Adapter

Model RAK-1 Intelligent Rack Adapter

Model RAK-2 Network-enabled Facilities Controller

Model RS-232 Serial Data Adapter

List Price

Cost of the system as configured at current list pricing. This price is for reference only and does not constitute a guarantee by Sine Systems or its vendors to sell the system at the price shown.