Frequently Asked Questions

RFC-1 Firmware Version 6 Features

Firmware version 6 is a significant rework of the RFC-1 firmware. Much of the system was rewritten to enhance existing features and operate more efficiently.

Here are some of the feature enhancements:

Clock/Calendar and Timed Event Enhancements

  • The real time clock optionally adjusts for Daylight Savings Time.
  • The clock/calendar is day of the week aware.
  • Timed events are programmable based on day(s) of the week.
  • Timed events can enable and disable specific telemtry alarms.

Telemetry System and Alarm Enhancements

  • Status channels can invert the reading state internally.
  • Alarm calls deliver the channel reading at time of failure.
  • Alarms can be blocked according to the day of the week.
  • Several pre-programmed action sequences are provided.
  • Action sequences can be chained for longer sequences.

Telephone System Enhancements

  • The tone dialer uses dedicated hardware and true DTMF tones.
  • The tone dialer can generate all tones including ❊ and # keys.
  • Telephone numbers can be chained for longer telephone numbers.
  • Improved handling for calls to pagers.

Firmware version 6 is available in the embedded RFC-1 that is part of the RAK-2 and RCS series remote control systems.