Frequently Asked Questions

RAK-2 loses communication with RFC-1

The RAK-2 has a fixed communication protocol but in the embedded RFC-1 the protocol is adjustable. If the RFC-1 data protocol setting is changed then it may break the internal communcations link between the RAK-2 and the RFC-1.

This condition is easy to correct should it occur.


Use either the local telephone or a dial-up connection to perform this task.

You will need to know both the main secuity code and advanced programming code to complete this task. Use the programming security code from your system when prompted at line 3.

  1. Connect to the RFC-1/B from the local phone or dial in.
  2. Once you have access to the system, enter programming mode: 80
  3. The RFC-1/B will prompt for the advanced programming security code: 4150
  4. The RFC-1/B will prompt for a four digit address: 1005
  5. The RFC-1/B will repeat the address and wait for a command.
  6. Enter the new baud rate setting: 0
  7. Press the pound key to write the data at the address: #
  8. Exit the programming mode immediately by pressing the star key: *

It is important to press * and exit programming mode after the final value is entered.