Model RFC-1/B

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RFC-1/B Remote Facilities Controller (bottom) and RP-8 Relay Panel

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Demo Transmitter

Sine Systems has a demo system to give you a better idea of how the RFC-1/B works. Our demo transmitter facility has two transmitters--a main and an auxiliary.

Operating the Demo Transmitter

  • Call the demo transmitter at (615) 777-RFC1
  • After the RFC-1 answers you will hear the prompt Enter
  • Enter the Main Security Code: 12345678
  • When you enter the code correctly the RFC-1 will say This is RFC-1/B
  • You have access to the demo transmitter
  • When you are finished enter the disconnect command and hang up: 99

Meter Reading

To read a telemetry channel (meter), enter the two-digit channel number. The RFC-1/B supports up to 64 channels--numbered 00 to 63. The demo transmitter recognizes channel numbers 00 through 12.

  • Enter a channel number to take a reading: 00
  • The RFC-1/B will respond with the appropriate channel reading

Control Relays

If you wish to control equipment at the demo facility you will have to enter the control security code. This is a security measure. Any user can take meter readings but only authorized users can operate control relays. The control security code is required one time per call.

  • Enter the control security code: 66
  • The RFC-1/B will respond with OK

After the control security code as been entered you can operate the control relays. Each channel has a pair of relays; an on/raise relay and an off/lower relay. Select a channel by entering the two-digit channel number (as described above).

  • Press the # key to activate the on/raise control function
  • Press the * key to activate the off/lower control function

Demo Transmitter Channels

Channel Telemetry/Status Description Lower/Off (*) Raise/On (#)
00 Transmitter 1 – Filaments off on
01 Transmitter 1 – Plate Voltage off on
02 Transmitter 1 – Plate Current unused unused
03 Transmitter 1 – Power Output lower raise
04 Transmitter 2 – Filaments off on
05 Transmitter 2 – Plate Voltage off on
06 Transmitter 2 – Plate Current unused unused
07 Transmitter 2 – Power Output lower raise
08 Antenna Relay Position Position B Position A
09 AC Power unused unused
10 Diesel Generator manual off manual on
11 Room Temperature unused unused
12 Smoke Alarm unused unused

Demo Transmitter Notes

To speed up the demo, the filaments are instant on so there is no filament time delay. The filaments must be turned on before the plate voltage can be turned on. This demo will automatically initialize with Transmitter 1 on the air.

To demonstrate the feature that causes the telemetry to be spoken automatically if there is a significant change (>10% of full scale), we've made the generator take 5 seconds to start (hit 10#, then wait 5 seconds). This feature is really handy for situations when you're waiting for something to happen such as a transmitter to power on.

Note that you don't have to wait for the telemetry to be spoken before control can take place. If you enter two or more commands rapidly, the RFC-1/B will perform each of the tasks entered but the spoken response is only to the final command.

Do not worry about how you leave things when you are finished experimenting. The system will reset automatically.

Data Mode

The demo transmitter is set up for voice and data operation. Voice mode connects first but if the security code is not given the system will switch to data mode.

To connect in data mode, use any ASCII based terminal software, such as HyperTerminal, and setup the communications protocol.

  • 2400 baud
  • 8 data bits
  • no parity
  • 1 stop bit
  • no flow control

There is a connection delay because of the time it takes for the demo site to try the voice connection first. Many modems will time out and disconnect because of this. Set your modem for a 90 second wait for carrier. It also helps to disable busy-signal detection and error correction.

  • To extend the connection timer, type ATS7=090 and press Enter
  • To disable busy detection and error correction, type ATX2&Q0 and press Enter

Connect to the demo transmitter.

  • Type the modem dial command ATDT 615-777-7321 and press Enter
  • When the demo site connects you will see the prompt ENTER
  • Enter the security code 12345678
  • The demo transmitter will respsond, THIS IS RFC-1/B

The demo transmitter responds to the same commands in data mode that it does in voice mode. See the information above for voice mode operation for more details.